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Roran Machiavelli
Species: Human
Designation: Core World, Upper Class (Politician)
Homeworld: New Queensland
Appearance: Tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, mild athletic build
Chosen clothing: Military-grade brown trench coat with dark khaki jeans, clothing otherwise varies
Skills: Great leader, excellent marksman, specializes in the use of dual-wielding pistols
Backstory: Born the only child of a wealthy family, Roran Machiavelli had the privilege of becoming the son of the Sector Senator when he was only five years old once his father, Charles Darwin Machiavelli, was elected by a landslide due to his political campaign and his promise to be a grand representative of the people.  His mother was a big influence in his life up until his 11th birthday when she died of a then-incurable disease.  As a result, he later took after his father in many ways, including earning military training besides his studying for his political career.  Top of his class at 16 years, he was pushed forward and allowed to go to school at one of the top universities on New Queensland, where he would later become a top student there as well despite his young age.  At 21, his father decided to push his career on overdrive by offering him the chance to become Colonial Magistrate of Colony XXX-17; becoming not only the youngest Magistrate to ever take office but also one of the youngest politicians in RUSN history.
During the First Contact incident, Roran found himself in the midst of a very unique situation; the military, in an attempt to ensure the survival of the primary Core Worlds, cordoned off the colony sectors in an attempt to prevent knowledge of the situation reaching them as well as in an attempt to provide an added defense to the Core Worlds in the form of time; preparing the defenses of one over an extended period by offering colonial worlds as a form of sacrifice.  The plan worked up to a specific point; the colonial worlds would indeed become targets by alien attacks, but at the same time many of them began to secede as a result and join the Sons of Archon, which would bolster their numbers enough to enter a chosen crusade spoken of and feared by the RUSN ever since the War of Three Factions.
Roran is a kind individual; a believer in the concepts of democracy and a republican government, he specifically is a believer in old-fashioned ideals; the concept of liberty and representation by the common people.  While some consider his ideals more along the lines of wishful thinking, his decisions to lead by example upon arrival to Colony XXX-17, labeled Cardrahon by the locals, would earn him the respect of the colonials; something that his predecessors to the colony failed to achieve.  This would become crucial, as the teamwork of the colony was needed desperately when the Orghren Raiders and, later, the Tyrak Swarm would make planetfall on Cardrahon and threaten the lives and the very foundations of Roran's desire for a true democracy.
Character Description:  For the most part, Roran is the main character for the first Omega novel and is the main human character throughout the Omega series.  While he only makes cameo appearances in the next two novels and a secondary main character appearance in the last one, the majority of the first novel focuses upon his perspective.  Roran is your classical main human character in any sci-fi story; like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, he starts out as a simple kid hero but later grows to the point that he grows up quickly once the story is finished.  He is similar to Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica in that he has a lot of weight on his shoulders, having an important dad and all, and as such people have a lot of expectations thrown on him.  As a charismatic leader, he is the kind of guy who you cannot help but feel like you want him to lead regardless of any flaws he might have.  While he is inexperienced as a leader, he has a lot of knowledge at his disposal and is a fast learner.  He's also not the kind of leader that becomes vulnerable without a bodyguard; he can hold his own in a fight whether it is hand to hand combat or involving marksmanship.
This is a quick profile I did for the main character of the first Omega Novel; Roran Machiavelli.

Roran is pretty much who I'd dream of as a potential future world leader, primarily because he doesn't rid his humanity in order to lead a human nation (many decisions made by leaders today are not based upon morals but upon political decisions that keep them in office. This is why Presidents like Bush and Obama both are looked down upon by many others because they take advantage of what they see as a means to advance their campaign when, in truth, it only hurts their image in the long run. I speak of Bush's decision to invade Iraq and Obama's taking credit of killing Bin Laden even though he didn't actually do anything).

Anyway, before this turns into a massive political debate, let's focus instead upon some better things. I'm going to post a couple more of these profiles pretty soon, including profiles of characters I have yet to reveal. Until then, me out!

Characters and Omega (c) Kerian Halcyon

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writermartin42 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Professional Writer
Obama took credit because he's that one that authorized it, the President IS the Commmander-In-Chief remember.

Any way, pretty good to have a bio on Roran. I was wondering if you would do any, are we to expect more in the future?
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You've got a point. I guess I had forgotten that it's his job to be in charge of the military. Now I feel ashamed...

And yes, you shall. Maybe sometime real soon.
writermartin42 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Professional Writer
I write military science fiction. It's kind of important to know how the military works, even the political side.
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You've got a point there.
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