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The two Surveyors made their way up to the console.  Alexandra made it up first, climbing over the side and making her way to the supervisor.  Robert angrily climbed up by himself, visibly upset that Alexandra wasn't there to help him up.
"Good work," the Supervisor said as he looked at the console, "We're getting a clear image.  The engineers are currently moving the loader.  Altman be praised at their progress.  They are just barely ahead of schedule."
Robert got a good look at the screen.  Sam Caldwell was currently pulling the loader on the track using his Kinesis Module.  The Marker seemed to be glowing slightly brighter as the loader was brought in close.
"This is Cooper to Maxwell.  You reading me, surveyors?  Over."
Maxwell raised his right arm and punched the button on his comms module.  A hologram vidscreen revealed the face of an engineer on the other side.
"This is Maxwell," the Supervisor said, "I read you."
"We're starting the five-down in a few seconds.  Whether you have your equipment ready or not, I'm going to be turning it on.  You have everything ready?  Over."
"Everything's ready, Cooper," Maxwell said with a satisfied smirk, "I wouldn't miss this moment for the entire galaxy.  Altman be praised."
"Yeah, yeah," Cooper said, "Cut the Unitology crap.  I've had enough about that already."
"I wouldn't want you upset about the greatest moment in history, Cooper," Maxwell said, "You may start anytime."
"Fine.  I don't need your permission.  Over and out."
Robert stifled a snicker.  At least he wasn't the only one upset about this.
"Robert, you have one final task," Maxwell said, "Aim the hologram projector over to the Marker and keep it steady from the wind.  I want this whole event recorded with the Marker in the center."
Robert sighed.  Turning his ERM's safety on, he walked up to the large, turret-like hologram projector and aimed it carefully.  Placing his eyes over on the eye braces, he looked inside and made sure he aimed it so that the whole recording could be seen on the screen.
Damn waste of time trying to grab some glowing rock, Robert said to himself.
"Stand by, everyone," Cooper voiced on the comms, "I'm starting the five-down."
Robert watched carefully.  As he gazed at the Marker, he heard something like some far-off voice.  It seemed to sound like creepy whisperings.  He shook the thought out of his head and watched as Sam came up and pressed a button on the loader screen.
Cooper's voice seemed to grow distant.  Robert couldn't believe his eyes as the Marker began to spark red lightning at its base.
The loader's arms began to reach towards the Marker.  Sam seemed to notice the lightning and stepped back in surprise.  
The Marker glowed brightly as lightning shot up its surface.  The loader arms almost grasped its base.
A great glowing sphere suddenly formed atop the Marker.  Lightning covered it completely by now.  Were Robert and Sam the only ones noticing?
As the loader's arms grasped the Marker's base, all hell broke loose as the sphere exploded in a blinding flash.
EDIT! Please read!

This, along with my other Dead Space Shadows deviation, has become my most popular deviation to date. I would like to let everyone know, as of today, I'm not currently writing or planning on writing Dead Space: Shadows until further notice. That doesn't mean it won't happen, but it does mean that you probably shouldn't expect it anytime this year (I might be nice and post what I currently have written this Halloween, but that would probably mean all the more that I'll take longer to write it).

I really appreciate the favs and the views, but if you happen to stumble upon this I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to look at my other stuff that I'm working on. Thanks for your time.

End of Edit

Excerpt from Dead Space: Shadows, Introduction - To Extract a Marker

Since I posted a preview piece of artwork earlier, I decided to post a text preview so you guys can see what you're up against. As I add more to the story, I'll steadily add more previews until I'm ready to post the first bit. This is going to be the last time you'll see a submission involving the first preview pic I posted earlier, mostly because I've got a specific logo poster set up for this story (which, by the way, is probably going to get edited. This one turned out so well that I'm having a hard time choosing between the two).

Preview Pic edited with GIMP 2.0, [link]
Dead Space (c) EA Games
seventhcaustic Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011  Student Writer
When you write more can you add a link to each new chapter it would save us some trouble
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Eventually, though I'm not currently working on this project yet. I'll let people know when I do...
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