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March 17, 2013
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Wings of Fury - Aura, the Innocent One by Kerian-halcyon Wings of Fury - Aura, the Innocent One by Kerian-halcyon
Name: Aura
Species: Dragon (Metal, Platinum Breed)
Age: 3 Years (ages throughout)
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, Compassionate, Self-Conscious, Caring

- Animals
- Mossy Rocks
- Mushrooms (this has gotten her into trouble)
- Butterflies
- Playing with her friends

-Loud noises
-Being yelled at/judged
-White Meat

-As a metal dragon, she is covered in sharp, overlapping scales of metal, which continually shed and regrow as she ages. Her scales in particular are platinum, and therefore requires more, stronger metals to restore her scales to full brilliance.
- Can curl her body tightly, creating a powerful shield of metal. She can also shape her scales to reflect oncoming light at a target, blinding them

Aura was the last of the four friends Sinkrosok would meet and team up with on his quest to rescue his sister. Having found her after being seperated from the group, Sinkrosok invited the young dragoness with him. Before this, Aura had spent almost all her life alone. With the exception of a Troll that practically raised her and kept her company, Aura had never experienced anyone besides the various animals that lived in the forest outside of her cave. She had a feeling that once, long ago, she was with others of her kind, but since she had hatched alone in a forest of wild animals she never knew if these feelings were true or not. She would have died had she not met her Troll friend, who took her to a cave where she could live comfortably and happily without fear or worry of predators or would-be hunters. Nevertheless, she had always been relatively alone, without her kind, and this made her unhappy...which was one of the reasons why she said yes when Sinkrosok asked her to join them.
Aura had to grow up on her own for most of her life. That had its ups and downs; the positives was that without competition from siblings, she practically could do whatever she pleased. The downs however were far greater; she grew up without the skills most dragons were taught when they were hatchlings; how to hunt, how to track, how to avoid predators...she couldn't even talk. Were it not for the dragons' ability to speak through telepathy (Mind Speech), she would never have even been able to do much more than growl at her new dragon friends, let alone tell them her name.
One of the quirks she got from growing up alone in a cave was licking moss off of the many rocks throughout the forest. While it is a handy survival tactic, for a dragon such form of food is sub-par, and many of the group let her know this almost as soon as she was introduced to them. Of the friends, her closest relationship was with Sinkrosok and Bazzrak; Sin because the Shadow dragon had been her first real friend and dedicated himself to teaching her all she needed to know, and Bazz because the big Earth dragon was like the older brother she never had. She and Thallos also got along well; she would occasionally laugh at the Water dragon's jokes (the ones she could get anyway) and he often found a way to get her to smile. Mennaurel, however, was often at odds with the newest member of their group; she would often chide, argue, and downright chastize Aura for her incompetence and her 'acting like a child' throughout their adventures (which would often prompt Sin to step in and remind her that technically they were all still kids).


It is finally done...*wipes forehead* Took me long enough, but now you guys can finally see something that :icontwisteddisaster: and I have been working on for the longest time. Ladies and gentlemen, I unveil our secret project with this first bio!

Aura is one of the five main protagonists of a book series Michelle and I are going to be working on. She's pretty much Michie's favorite character (as evidence by her gallery). I myself have a soft spot for the shy, timid dragoness that she is. Working on her race's bio was probably one of my favorite things to do for the longest time. I was very happy with how she turned out.

Before I got my tablet all set up I had asked Michelle if she could ink our dragon concept art after I sketched it (since we all know she can draw animals pretty much as well as I can draw humans...:XD:). She would work on their humanized versions while I did the dragons. It's taken me forever though, simply because College and my own negligence gets in the way all the time. But now, it's finally done. ^^

I'm going to be doing more of these bios in the near future, as well as some written bios based on how I did Omega's stuff a while back. The first book is still undergoing heavy development, though we've outlined and planned out how it's going to get written thus far. Once I've got the main backstory, the world, and every race/animal/character's bios written and set aside in a safe place on my computer, I can begin actually writing the first draft. I'm hoping on getting it completely written and ready to be inspected, edited, and re-drafted within the next couple of years.

P.S. This project is probably the only time you guys get to see my real name outside of Facebook/Youtube. ^^

All bios are subject to change over time as development of characters and settings continues...

Official Art of Aura
[link] [link] [link]

Fan Art/Commissioned Art of Aura
[link] [link]

Edit: Odd, can't seem to get the thumbnails to work.

Character belongs to Michelle Porter and William Phipps. Use of this character without permission from the owners/authors will be met with butal and just consequences

Next Character: Mennaurel
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Thanks, I'm glad you like 'em. It took forever to do each individual gradient...ene But she's well worth it, this one...^^
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So you finally came up with a name for this series.

Good choice.

And I can't wait to find out about the other characters.
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Once she's done inking the next one I'll be able to color and reveal her. I'm glad you like the name.
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Aw, She's cute! It's also nice seeing some bio sheets done. Good work.
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Isn't she though? :XD: I'm proud of how she turned out.
BandanaBlue Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You should be proud, the side profile at the top right looks really good.
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