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I stole this blatantly from my good friend :icontwisteddisaster:, so dun judge me :XD:

The title pretty much says all.  It's a 30 day challenge.  I hope I can use it as a way to keep to deadlines.  Hopefully I'll stick with it.  Wish me luck! 

Day 1 - First video game you ever played:

Donkey King Country for the SNES.  I remember this one well.  Back when I was between the ages of 3-7, we went up to my Grandmother's and Grandfather's up in the Spokane Region for family get-togethers throughout the year.  My older cousin happened to have an SNES with Donkey Kong Country, and I had the chance to play it, so I did.  Of course, it was the Age of Empires series that actually got me hooked to gaming and playing games that I actually owned rather than borrowed from family. ^^

Day 2 - Your favorite character: 

Hmm, this one's a toughy.  Probably my favorite character in any video game would have to be...well, it's tied between Link and Masterchief.  Link is probably my favorite Nintendo character (for obvious reasons) and is an iconic hero.  I even play him in SSBB (Super Smash Bros Brawl).  Masterchief on the other hand got me into FPS's, and so I consider him a big favorite as well. (P.S., I'm sick today.  Some friends of my little sister still had a bug going around and it somehow got to me...mental note, always look before you hug. ono)

Day 3 - A game that is underrated: 

Metal Drift is probably one of my most favorite games, and right now it's also one of the more underrated ones.  It's got everything a guy ever wants; tanks, soccer, lasers, scifi arenas, even an awesome announcer in the background!  I've wanted for a long time to start playing multiplayer with people but I haven't had the chance yet, mostly because hardly anyone's online.  Seriously, go play it.  It's fun. ^^

Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game: 

I used to have a few of those.  I think one of the latest I had at one point had to be SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies), a space simulator game.  I could play that game for hours and never stop, and not get anything done.  It's friggin' addicting.  I hope to make some mods for it showcasing some of my favorite sci-fi concepts... (all day yesterday my stomach hurt up a storm.  Turns out I inherited my dad's not-so-epic ability to barf uber-powerfully, and I barfed so hard last Friday that my stomach's still sore. qnq)

Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were): 

Ooooooh, this one's tough...I'd probably have to say...ummmm...actually if I had to pick any off of the top of my head, probably Talon of Lon Lon Ranch.  He can be a bit scatterbrained and occasionally sleeps in, but he gets the job done and is great with kids (he is, after all, a single father working on a ranch full time with only one hired he's a bit overweight, I gotta work on that).  He's not exactly my first choice, but if I had to pick just one character that I was MOST like currently, it'd be him. ^^

Day 6 - Most annoying character: 

There are a couple out there, I'll admit.  I'm not going to say Navi though, simply because I actually never found her annoying (I always found her voice a bit cute, I'll admit).  Currently the video game character I find annoying's probably gotta be either Tingle or Kaepora Gaebora; Tingle because there's almost no point to his character save for the map feature, and Gaebora because...well, I've played Ocarina several times already, where's the damn skip button? 8U (p.s., sorry I forgot about yesterday's entry. ono)

Day 7 - Favorite game couple: 

Oooh, this is gonna be hard.  :icontwisteddisaster: already did Mario and Peach, so I can't do that one again. :XD:
So, let's see...hmm...who is it going to be?
Actually, truth be told, I have several.  LinkxMalon or LinkxRuto I kind of like (with LinkxSaria coming in third) all of whom are from Ocarina of Time, and RevanxBastila from KOTOR are among my top 10.

Day 8 - Best soundtrack: 

My favorite soundtrack is awesome, and beats all the rest.  I'll let you guys agree with my by clicking on the link below...^^

Day 9 - Saddest game scene:

Hmm, that actually is a hard one...a really hard one...
Hmm...The problem is that not very many games have actually evoked an emotion of sad in me, given that I play a lot of actioney kind of games.  But probably the saddest I've ever seen would have to be...uh...actually the scene where Cortana dies in Halo 4.  Even though I've not played the campaign, seeing an iconic female character die like that can get pretty sad...(and I TOTALLY ALMOST FORGOT TO DO THIS DAY...but since I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow I'd better do the next one too)

Day 10 - Best gameplay: 

I'm tied between Team Fortress 2, Halo's PC-Reach, and Minecraft, because a. Team Fortress 2 never gets old and there's always people playing, b. All the old Halo's have the best multiplayer for any shooter made by Microsoft in my honest opinion, and c. Minecraft's always changing, adapting, and moddable, making the gameplay changeable for any situation.  Normally I'd choose a Legend of Zelda game too, but there is yet to be a Zelda game that manages to make the sweet spot for me, and saying OoT is the best would be too cliche, so I decided to let it slide for a while...
Wow, 10 days down, another 20 more and this meme is finished!

Day 11 - Gaming system of choice: 

If you were to ask me anytime, I'd probably say PC :XD: (All games start out as computer software, and most computer games are superior to console ones in both visual and gameplay aspects.  I can play a computer game and not have it glitch when the Xbox or Playstation counterpart will go crazy)...but if it's supposed to be a console I'd probably pick anything Nintendo.  Thus far, Nintendo has yet to really do anything to make me shake my head at it.  Sure, I'd love to see a Zelda game with actual difficulty and boss fights instead of the easy stuff they keep giving us, but that's just one game.  Nintendo practically invented modern gaming...^^

Day 12 - A game everyone should play: 

Hmm...actually?  I think Age of Empires.  I started gaming with those games when I was visiting my public library when I was like 10-11 years old and living in a small town in Idaho.  Really, any classic game that still needs a disc to play and can still play on a Windows XP-Vista-7 machine or even something on an old console is something I'd recommend people playing.  Picking up a piece of gaming history and enjoying how hard and challenging gaming was way back when is something I'd definitely recommend EVERYONE playing...yes, I'm looking at you, game publishers...*does the eyes on you finger thingy* :XD:

Day 13 - A game you've played more than five times: 


Age of Empires II...I give...>u<

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper:

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Wallpaper...I love dragons

Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you're playing right now: 

Not today, but when I get back I'll post a WIP of my current little Minecraft project...^^

Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes: 
Day 17 - Favorite antagonist: 
Day 18 - Favorite protagonist:
Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in: 
Day 20 - Favorite genre: 
Day 21 - Game with the best story: 
Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you: 
Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style: 
Day 24 - Favorite classic game: 
Day 25 - A game you plan on playing: 
Day 26 - Best voice acting.
Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.
Day 28 - Favorite game developer.
Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

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... what you answer the questions once a day?
pffffff my attention span won't allow this.
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Well too bad! 8U :XD:
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xD I like your couples!
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. ^^

I feel kind of weird though that I actually like a couple where one half is human and the other half is part
TwistedDisaster Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
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I know, right?

I'll bet you googled up who Ruto was now, didn't you? >//u//< I can't help mahself! I lurvs mah fishy girly.
writermartin42 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Professional Writer
I might do this later...
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Did you just get a new avatar?
Kerian-halcyon Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yes...*eyes gleam* Nommy made it for me.  That really turned my day around...
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